For Commanders

What is the #75for75Challenge?

It is the first-ever CAP CADET driven fundraising event. It is designed to directly benefit each cadet’s home unit. The task is for every cadet who accepts the Challenge to then create a Cadet Personal Fundraising Page and raise $75 (or more) for their home unit. The campaign launch date is 1 November 2017 concludes 31 January 2018Extended through February 28, 2018.

How will this be accomplished?

On 1 November cadets will receive an email [view cadet email] asking them to accept the #75for75Challenge, to get their parents’ permission and to create their own Cadet Personal Fundraising Page.

To participate in the #75for75Challenge, cadets under the age of 18 will be required to have a permission slip signed by one of their parents [view permission slip] uploaded to the #75for75Challenge website. The #75for75Challenge website will provide instructions on how to accomplish this. Cadets who are 12 years old will not receive an email about the #75for75Challenge due to the strict laws requiring Parental Consent for youth under the age of 13 to create a web presence. 12 year old cadets may participate by uploading a signed parental permission PRIOR to creating their personal fundraising page.

Cadet’s Personal Funding Raising Page

Each cadet can create their own Cadet Personal Fundraising Page [view sample personal fundraising page] which they can personalize with their picture, a brief narrative, and their fundraising goal. The page will also include a listing of the cadet’s donors and CAP generated text.

Supporters can donate directly to a cadet’s campaign through the Cadet’s Personal Fundraising Page.

NHQ will transfer 85%+ of the funds collected directly to the cadet's home unit’s account. 10% of the funds will be used to fund the prizes and 3%-5% to cover the cost of supporting the challenge. NHQ will not be keeping any of these collected funds. The unit finance committee will determine how the funds will be used. Example - scholarships to CAP activities, color guard equipment, bivouac or field trip expenses, etc.

Cadets will also be competing for prizes [view prizes] based on the amount of donations they raise.


The #75for75Challenge Team and the National HQ Cadet Programs team is encouraging units to reach out to civic and philanthropic organizations in their communities and request time to make presentations about the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program.

Seize the opportunity to spread the word about the CAP Cadet Program as we celebrate its 75th anniversary! Present the great work that the Civil Air Patrol has and is doing through its best representatives – the cadets themselves – the chief beneficiaries of the program. More money brings more opportunities for more cadets to participate in more activities.

Encouraging cadets to go speak to various organizations allows each of them to individualize their message about what CAP has done or is currently doing for them, and for them to showcase their enthusiasm and passion. The message should be targeted to the audience.

Additionally, this campaign provides yet another learning environment for each cadet to examine which parts of CAP are most important to them, to be able to organize these thoughts succinctly and to express themselves clearly in front of an audience.

Another advantage with this campaign is the benefit of getting the CAP mission and message out to new public audiences, thus creating an opportunity to spark interest in others and potentially increase membership.

We encourage each unit to select key cadets to practice mock or dry runs, PRIOR to visiting organizations with this key message. It is crucial that cadets be able to respond to adults who have questions about the Cadet Program. Units should also provide the #75for75 Challenge Team with the lessons learned from these trial presentations. We would like to share that feedback with other units across the nation.

Finally, the #75for75Challenge provides an opportunity for cadets to take ownership and provide financial support for their home unit.

Motivational Ideas

During a unit meeting introduce the cadets to the #75for75 Challenge. Make this an interactive exchange:

  1. Ask them to explain how the #75for75Challenge works.
  2. Ask them to share 3 specific merits of the campaign.
  3. Explain the different donation prize levels.
  4. Conduct a “What four ways has CAP changed since the first day I joined” brainstorm activity:
    • Break the cadets into groups
    • Give the cadets 10 minutes to “brainstorm” as a group – what am I passionate about in CAP, what have I learned about myself or others in CAP, what new experiences has CAP provided me? As this is a Brainstorming activity, there are no wrong answers.
    • As the cadets are divided into groups, this can become a competition to see which group can list the most items.
    • The goal of the activity is to show each cadet that there is a lot to talk about and that each of them has benefited by being a member of CAP. These are some of the items they can present when addressing potential donors.
  5. Ask the groups to once again “brainstorm” as a group – What civic and philanthropic organizations should the unit reach out to? Which group might allow a presentation about CAP to be placed on the organization’s meeting agenda? As this is a Brainstorming activity, there are no wrong answers
  6. Once the cadets have identified the organizations they are considering approaching to ask for speaking time, the Senior Members will need to continue to mentor the cadets by:
    • Assisting the cadets in the effort to contact the group
    • Prepare the cadets by asking these questions:
      • What is the host organization about? (Why does it exist?)
      • What are its most important Mission or Values of the host organization? (Volunteering, service, community support, education)
      • Can you link or bridge your message to what is interesting to them?
How Do We Market the #75FOR75Challenge?

The Challenge will provide #75for75Challenge Marketing items for use by cadets to promote themselves, their units and the CAP Cadet Program.

  • #75for75Challenge Marketing Card – A template [view business card] which cadets can personalize and print out at home. The card is meant to be handed out to potential donors and will direct the potential donors to the Cadet’s Personal Fundraising Page on the web.
  • #75for75Challenge “ACCEPTED” sign [view accepted sign] that can be printed out and used in photos and videos.
  • #75for75Challenge “COMPLETE” sign [view complete sign] that can be printed out and used in photos and videos.
Using Social Media to market the #75for75challenge

Social media will play a large role in promoting this campaign throughout the organization and with potential donors. NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS CAN BE POSTED SHOWING ANY CAP MEMBER IN ANY OF THE USAF UNIFORMS.

Cadets and units are encouraged to take and share pictures with provided #75for75Challenge Marketing materials. The first post to a cadet’s social media account should be of a picture (selfie) and the sign showing that they have “Accepted the 75 for 75 Challenge” [view selfie flyer]. Cadets may wear their squadron T-shirt, an activity shirt or civilian clothes.

Units should consider setting a unit fund raising goal. After that, you can "throw down the gauntlet" with rival units to be the “FIRST” to reach the unit’s target donation goal!

EVERYONE is encouraged to take lots and lots of photo. POST, POST, POST them to social media. Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and how it went viral on social media during July–August 2014. In 2017-2018 that could be CAP.

Photos or videos ideas include:

  • The entire unit posing during a PT or non-uniform wearing gathering with signs “We Accepted the 75 for 75 Challenge”
  • Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas themed poses.
  • Various cool-looking locations where you “Accepted the 75 for 75 Challenge”.
  • Photos next to CAP aircraft holding signs saying, “Accepted the 75 for 75 Challenge”.
Income Potential

With 24,000 cadets on the national roster and a goal of $75 each

  • Aggressive Goal = 33% (7920 x $75) = $594,000
  • Moderate Goal = 25% (6000 x $75) = $450,000
  • Conservative Goal = 10% (2400 x $75) = $180,000

Can your squadron use additional funds? How much of this would your squadron like? It is up to you and your cadets to use this campaign as a fun fund-raising opportunity to help your unit.

Questions about the #75for75 Challenge may be directed to:

Note: The Civil Air Patrol Development Team believes it important for cadets to have a vested interest in and have an understanding of the financial operations of CAP at the Squadron, Wing, Region and National level. However, we understand that many local units are already conducting a number of fundraising programs and may not be in a position to participate. The #75for75Challenge is not intended to obscure or to replace any programs units are planning. Therefore, unit commanders may opt out of the #75for75 Challenge. We also are aware that the timing for this Challenge overlaps the annual Wreaths Across America fundraising program. Again, we understand if unit commanders choose to opt out to focus attention on the Wreaths Across America program. No notification of the decision to opt out for any reason requires approval or notification up the chain of command.