How Does Social Media Help #75for75Challenge

Social Media is a part of everyday life and for many it is where we get information about the things we care about. Whether you’re looking for news, funny videos or pictures or your friend’s recent vacation social media is quickly becoming a primary source for information. Civil Air Patrol knows this well and made sure that social media was going to be a huge player in getting members involved in the #75for75Challenge.

The #75for75Challenge was first championed by the students and staff from our very own Cadet Officer School (COS) at Maxwell Air Force Base, which is also the home of Civil Air Patrol’s Nation Headquarters. The cadets and seniors from COS took to social media to let their friends, family and fellow CAP members know about this amazing opportunity to connect with the community and grow resources for their local units. Their efforts resulted in hundreds of CAP members accepting the challenge and sharing with hundreds more and this could not have been accomplished without social media.

Civil Air Patrol has a robust social media presence and is constantly ensuring that it is staying in the lead when it comes to connecting with new and current members. The #75for75Challenge was no exception for Civil Air Patrol’s social media as it set out to promote and engage through it’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you’re not already following those pages head over and give them a like, CAP is consistently providing relevant and up-to-date information that is valuable to all members.

Currently Civil Air Patrol members have raised over $50,000 and are well on their way to the $75,000 goal of the challenge. How can you help? Obviously with social media! If you or a member you know has accepted the #75for75Challenge then spread the word! Post a cool boomerang on your Instagram or a creative meme on Twitter, even if you just share the link to the Personal Fundraising Page you’ll be helping get the word out about Civil Air Patrol and pushing the challenge even further. Let’s hit that goal together!

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