Cadets Are Raising An Amazing Amount!

Since November Civil Air Patrol members have embarked on the first ever nation-wide fundraising event, the #75for75Challenge. This challenge is meant to provide local units with vital resources while connecting our members with their community and spreading the word about our amazing Cadet Program. So far members have raised over $50,000 and are creating memorable stories along the way. Here a few of our members that are leading the nation:

Brock Thompson has raised over $5,000 for his local unit and shows no signs of slowing down as he’s set the goal of $7,575.75 for himself. We know you can do it Brock!!

Then there is Aric Rosenbach who is well on his way toward his $5,000 goal. He’s been encouraging other members of the Easton Composite Squadron as well as many members watching all around the nation to join in the challenge.

There are also members like Catherine Willis who have exceeded their goal and are continuing to raise funds for their unit and share their progress on social media.

This challenge has been successful so far but units across the nation are still getting on board to make it even more successful! With only 3 weeks left you and your fellow Civil Air Patrol cadets and seniors still have a chance to accomplish this challenge. Good luck!! #75for75Challenge

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  1. Michael Kathriner on January 9, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    The National Staff is VERY proud of all of the members that have chosen to participate in the 75 for 75 Challenge. Thank you for your support in making this fundraising event a success.

    Michael Kathriner, Lt Col, CAP
    Chief of Development
    National Headquarters

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